Introducing the new NOAA Buoy Data iOS App!

Experience a new way to get your weather data – straight from the source! These weather stations in the oceans and on land are a key source of where our climate and meteorological data comes from. Here is your chance to get to know your local buoys and stations better.

Meteorological Data

Built for weather geeks that want to know where and how the data is being measured. This app will get the latest info from NOAA and display it in a easy to view format.

Wind and Wave Conditions

Great for surfers, fishermen, and boaters that need the latest wave and wind data from their favorite NOAA buoy.

Share with Friends

Let your friends know what’s going on with your favorite NOAA buoy by sharing it on your Twitter or Facebook account.

Discover Lighthouses

Travel to lighthouses all over the world and visit them from the palm of your hand. Find all the lighthouses you never knew even existed!

Worldwide Locations

Explore different kinds of buoys used by NOAA and other organizations from around the world by using the map or the search tool.

Currently there are over 1200+ stations deployed worldwide! Do you know where they are?

Explore your World!

Download from the Apple App Store today and start a new adventure exploring a world of buoys and lighthouses!